Corpus by Susan Irvine


Susan Irvine

A varied collection of short stories, many of which mock the pretensions of the literary/artistic/fashion worlds. The writing style changes with each story, sometimes lyrical and descriptive, at other times very blunt and direct. The humour, where it occurs, is cutting and some of the tales are rather gruesome - the seeking of human brains for a fashion show! An interesting and inventive set of stories.

Interviewer: So there is nothing special about your son?
Artist: That is a rhetorical question addressed to a mother. As an artist, I can say that insofar as Concept 1 is a ready-made it is both a replica of all other sons, and a singular work of art, ready-made at the point of birth, yes, but predestined by the particular reading and rewriting performed on each other by the two texts inherent in the origin of the piece to make a unique form both physically and psychologically.
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