The Illusion of Return by Samir El-Youssef

The Illusion of Return

Samir El-Youssef

Ali's view of life from its beginnings in a Palestinian refugee camp cannot be optimistic but does seem very realistic as he looks amongst family and friends for the answers to questions about feminism and homosexuality as well as politics, i.e. collaborating with the Israeli occupiers, and religion. A must read for anyone interested in possible answers to Ali's questions.


It was Amina who told me that it was natural for people to leave. "People who have any sense, who care about themselves and the world, do not stay," she told me, "they leave!" And naturally she herself belonged to those who left. Her early death was a form of leaving, of getting out as early as possible. And it was precisely her early death that confirmed my most profound fears, of being left behind after everyone had gone away.

  • The Attack by Yasmin Khadra
  • A Thousand Rooms of Dream and Fear by Atiq Rahimi

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