Transgressions by Sarah Dunant


Sarah Dunant

A tautly written psychological thriller. Elizabeth Skorvecky is recovering from the end of a seven year relationship when unnerving incidents begin occurring in her home - missing CDs, ketchup squirted over her computer and so on. Who is responsible - her imagination, her ex-boyfriend, a poltergeist or something more sinister?

Her mind rejected what it couldn't handle. It wasn't possible. How could anyone have broken in through those locks? This was her imagination playing truant from reason, scaring her as it had scared her that night when she had followed him up the stairs only to find the landing empty of everything but her fear. Learn from then. Only confront it and it will, once again, disperse like smoke.

She swallowed once, twice, then slowly, with a languor that might have been read as sleep but was more the semi-paralysis of terror, she shifted her body over from the curled position until she was lying on her back. And as her feet moved further down the bed they encountered an obstacle at the bottom, too heavy and too firm to ever be the body of a cat. And this time she knew the nightmare was real.

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