The Sluts by Dennis Cooper

The Sluts

Dennis Cooper

This book is written as a series of blogs and emails on a website which rates gay male prostitutes. As a plot device this works well and certainly keeps you reading. However, this book is not for the faint hearted. Be prepared for clinical and anatomical descriptions of extreme violence and sado-masochistic sex acts told in strong and basic language. It’s pushes every possible boundary – but if this appeals, you won’t be disappointed.


I don’t know how to talk about what happened. I know I shouldn’t go into it for lots of reasons, but I think I need to talk about it for the sake of my sanity. Brad is the heaviest masochist I have ever met, heard about or even imagined in my fantasies. I cut him with a knife and whipped and beat his whole body until there was nothing I could do would stop the bleeding. I broke his nose and jaw and may have accidentally broken his neck. I squirted lighter fuel on his genitals and ass and lit them on fire a couple of times. I was so into it that I thought he died about halfway through the scene, but he didn’t. After what I just said, this will sound ridiculous, but when I realised he wasn’t dead, I couldn’t go through with it. He’s in my playroom right now screaming for me to kill him.

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