The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy

The World Beneath

Cate Kennedy

A tale of family conflict, teenage rebellion and broken relationships set in small town Australia and the wilderness of Tasmania. This novel delivers a good contrast between the domestic paraphernalia of urban civilisation and the dramatic true dangers of being lost in the Tasmanian outback. The characters are interesting, realistic and likable – it’s very good on inter-generational relationships. It lived up to my expectations.

And to tell the truth, she had been stunned beyond belief. How had it gone so absolutely pear-shaped - the ten years of cohabiting happiness, all those years of carefree unencumbered adventuring, the understanding that didn't need a marriage licence, the whole shebang - how had it become such a skidding wreck once the baby was born?

Because Sandy couldn't remember changing. That was the thing. She'd stayed the same person, so it had to be Sophie - and the idea of Sophie - that had made him bolt. That's what she couldn't forgive, ever.
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