The Privileges by Jonathan Dee

The Privileges

Jonathan Dee

Take a slice of contemporary New York society and smell love, wealth and success. You want more - another slice represents an enduring marriage and a husband who is willing to take risks. Savour the flavours, but be prepared for disappointment when suddenly your plate is empty.


The whole scheme, he reminded himself, had been for her benefit, and in fact it had worked out just the way he hoped it would: he had seen her stuck and unhappy and the thought of it had been too much for him; he had an image of the life he was going to make for all of them and it wasn't coming fast enough and so he had done what he'd had to do to speed things up, to get them all intact to that place of limitlessness that she so deserved and that he had always had faith they would occupy. It wasn't about being rich per se. It was about living a big life, a life that was larger than life. Money was just the instrument.

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