Gathering Evidence by Martin MacInnes

Gathering Evidence

Martin MacInnes

A wide ranging futuristic novel covering, religion, philosophy, war, weapons of mass destruction, zoology and murder. But the subjects are secondary to the incredible atmosphere of ‘the unknown’ which is layered and built up throughout the book. Whether set in urban England or in an equatorial jungle, fear is all around. The reader will feel they are watching a superb horror movie dealing with human rather than supernatural terror. Excellent.


With every addition they made, building it, they saw that the name was moving them backwards, that as they built they eroded time. At the end, when the weapon was complete as the last deformed priest went to press the release signal, they saw what had happened and wept. They were transformed, taken to the moment of creation. Pressing to signal the release of the warhead, time unfolded and they existed infinitely in the boundless glory and wisdom of the name, and it was as if all of this, all of the earth and all of the heavens, had never been.

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