Devil-Devil by G W Kent


G W Kent

If you enjoy an exotic setting, puzzling murders and two engaging main characters then look no further. Set in the Solomon Islands in 1960 this gentle, occasionally dark crime novel finds Sergeant Ben Kella sent to the island of Malaita to look into the disappearance of an American anthropologist. However, within a short time Kella finds himself investigating a number of crimes, aided on occasion by feisty young American nun, Sister Conchita.

The onslaught ceased abruptly. Taking advantage of the unexpected lull Kella forced himself onto his feet through a haze of pain. One of the islanders was lying unconcious on the sand. The other two were backing away from Joe Dontate. As Kella looked on helplessly the two remaining Melanesians turned and ran, disappearing into the shroud of darkness provided by the beach. Kella started to thank his rescuer, but turned away, doubled up and was sick.
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