The Story of Forgetting by Stefan Merrill Block

The Story of Forgetting

Stefan Merrill Block

A very disturbing story of family tragedy on a number of disparate fronts.

It is told in alternating episodes by an elderly man and a teenage boy living apparently totally unconnected lives in Texas. Although the principle subject matter, which is the early onset of Alzheimer's, is extremely upsetting, this is a compulsively readable novel.

A rewarding book and well worth the emotional effort.

'You're saying she has Alzheimer's?' My Dad was leaning against the impossibility of the word.

'Well, there's never any way to be certain. Before autopsy, at least. But in my report, I'm suggesting a diagnosis of probable early-onset familial Alzheimer's ....'

'Tell me, Mr Waller,' Doctor Pinqit continued. 'Is there any history of this sort of thing in her family?'

Almost indiscernibly, my Dad shrugged.
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