What I Did by Christopher Wakling

What I Did

Christopher Wakling

Six-year-old Billy's unexpurgated version of his life, explaining the misunderstandings that lead to his being put on the Child Protection Register, is touching, unintentionally funny and all too believable and, let's face it, infuriating. Should be complulsory reading not only for social workers and primary school teachers but for anyone who can't remember being an infant.

And shall I tell you why what happens next is not normal either? Okay, it's this. Even though it was really me who threw Fraser over and made him cry, and even though I admit it, because she probably saw it anyway, Miss Hart still listens carefully when I tell her my excuse ... all she does is stare at me blinking, before telling Fraser he really should keep his word and asking us both to - Carry on nicely.
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