The Humorist by Russell Kane

The Humorist

Russell Kane

Full of bodily excretions and foul language this is a dark, disturbing novel about a seemingly unlike-able character who, somehow, ends up seeming like a hero. Marginally too long in reaching its conclusion (for me) this is a blackly funny, smart and sharp story.


Onstage, two minutes, eighteen seconds into my routine about life at the Centre. I knew it was funny. Perfectly, mathematically, funny. But although my material was pure-hewn art, every word died in my mouth. I sucked the joy from every syllable. The marrow of each word dissolved into an insipid paste. During the third disastrous minute, as I continued dying horribly, the audience started their disaffected mutterings. I switched my mouth to automatic. My mind presented the horrible truth. To these shallow comedy-consumers, my material was unimportant, the vapid cult of personality paramount.

  • Pelikan by David Lozell Martin
  • Tough, Tough Toys for Tough, Tough Boys by Will Self

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