The Good Thief's Guide to Venice by Chris Ewan

The Good Thief's Guide to Venice

Chris Ewan

This 4th title in The Good Thief’s Guide series is the 1st that I’ve read; it works well as a stand-alone novel and has made me want to read the others. Crime novelist and career thief, Charlie Howard’s life is disrupted by a mysterious woman who draws him into a frantic, eventful, caper involving bombs, assassins, and casinos. This is quick, witty, funny, bursting with suspense and surprises, and has a wonderful sense of place.

I turned and glanced over my shoulder, but all that was behind me was rain and darkness and silence. Strange. Things had been going pretty well so far, but I couldn't shake an odd sense of foreboding. I wanted to tell myself that it was just Venice - the peculiar way the city had of lending menace to an unlit canal, a deserted street or the echo of your own footsteps. But for all my efforts, I was afraid it was something more than that, and as I pulled my balaclava down, eased the mighty door open and stepped inside, I couldn't help but wonder if I was making a horrible mistake.
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