How to Kidnap the Rich by  Rahul Raina

How to Kidnap the Rich

Rahul Raina

A cynical, satirical view of how to get rich quick in India, while trying to avoid prison. Think of Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler on speed. Or that master of Tartan Noir, Christopher Brookmyre. There are villainous villains, devious plotters and Ramesh in the middle trying to work out what is going on and how to get out of it. Don't expect 'happily ever after' but the ending is believable.


'You boys are going to be fine' he began to blather, and casually started to move the pile off the table with one hand.  He was smiling, he was laughing, he was sipping whisky, he was saying how wonderful our lives were going to be now, but still he kept moving the photos, his hand like a claw around them.

'What are those?' I asked.

'Nothing, nothing.' he said.

'What are those?' I asked again

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  • The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
  • A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee
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