Missing Nancy by Carolyn Lewis

Missing Nancy

Carolyn Lewis

Written from the point of view of 12 year Jonathan, whose parents' divorce has been far from amicable, this novel explores his struggle to be loyal to both and his understanding of how they use him to irritate each other. The parallel story is about Jonathan's paternal grandfather, fighting to remain independent since the loss of Nancy, his wife. Fresh, but at the same time familiar, this is an emotional and insighful read.

'When did we last have a holiday, Jon? When was the last time we had a break?'
I'd gone to Cornwall with Dad last year and just before Sebastian was born, Mum went to the Lake District with Daniel. I started to tell her, to remind her of where Dad and I went, but she'd gone all dreamy on me. 'No, no, I'm talking about a real change, a change of country, different views on life, different cultures. I've been feeling very trapped you know.' Oh God, she was really off this time and I must have started fidgeting because her voice changed.
'Go on, I can see I'm boring you. Go, explore the boat but just remember where the car is if you get lost.'
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