Things We Didn't See Coming by Steven Amsterdam

Things We Didn't See Coming

Steven Amsterdam

I found this book so easy to read, which is unusual for me and books about the world after Armageddon. In this case the 'Millenium bug' really did destroy all computer programmes and the worst case climatic and nuclear scenario has happened, but our unnamed survivor plods through it all, doing what he must. We see him at different life stages, faring better or worse, but always observing and reporting back, sometimes with a wry sense of humour.

A rain horse is a horse that’s been sensitized to travel in downpours without complaint. It can carry packs and people through rising water at a trot. I’ve never asked who trains them or how, but I’m grateful. This mare never checks me, as long as she’s got her hood and body cover on. She’ll step through rotten logs in the forest, cross rushing water down main streets, to get where we need to get. She’s also absolutely bombproof when it comes to thunder or avoiding the deer when they run, and that you can’t teach. She was born sound and knows it. I keep the contact secure but easy. She follows, keeping pace as we slop through what’s left of the few paths along the hillsides and through miles of flooded farmland.
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