The Bank Robber Diaries by Danny King

The Bank Robber Diaries

Danny King

This book made me laugh, Chris the bank robber might appear to be incompetent but the banks still get robbed and the money rolls in. His story is full of unexpected twists and surprising perceptions, the light and easy style belies the violence and bleakness of the life Chris describes.

I checked the gun before I got out of the car to see that it was loaded and was more than a little surprised to find that it was. Gavin had obviously forgotten about my lapse in concentration last time out and entrusted me with a clip of live ammunition (assuming that it was live of course). This boosted my confidence no end and made me feel like part of the crew for real. I was determined to repay that trust by not shooting myself or any other part of the gang by accident for the next ten minutes.
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