Dead Famous by Ben Elton

Dead Famous

Ben Elton

Are you a fan of Big Brother? Or maybe you're secretly appalled by the whole affair? Either way, you'll be gripped by this entertaining, but thought provoking indictment of reality TV. Expect laugh aloud humour, moments that will leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable and a fascinating insight into why people take part. And, of course, there's the thrill of a whodunnit in which the murder is committed on live TV.


Having spent the day reviewing the footage from the house, Coleridge and Hooper turned once again to the tape of the night of the murder. The same images that Geraldine, the Peeping Tom production team and 47,000 Internet subscribers had watched live less than forty-eight hours before. Those same strange, fuzzy, bluish-grey pictures that the night-sight cameras had transmitted from the boys' bedroom.

  • Bright Young Things by Scarlett Thomas
  • Big Brother -TV series

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