Apocalypse for Beginners by Nicholas Dickner

Apocalypse for Beginners

Nicholas Dickner

Journeys of friendship and self discovery drizzled with a hint of sweetness and quirkiness all make for a pleasant read. The blend of characters, moving between the Canadian, US and Japanese settings is perfect to lighten the mood when you've some time to yourself.

As I went by the refrigerators. I noted the latest Asian invasion: tofu. Out of curiosity, I examined one of the packages. For the time being, this was an exotic and unsavoury item. But in a few years it would be a perfectly ordinary part of our diet, as mundane as Nutella and the H-bomb. In the wake of the Great Tofu War, we would be slightly more Asian, but no one would notice. Another unwritten chapter in the history of the middle class.
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