The C Words by Mark Mason

The C Words

Mark Mason

Bridget Jones for men. Chap lit rather than chick lit. Light, stylish and very funny, this is a fine romantic comedy. Told from a male point of view, it follows two increasingly stressed-out guys trying to get into bed with the right girl. It seems its a whole lot harder than I'd ever appreciated.

That was it. That's where I've been going wrong ... I've always gone out with women - well, I don't know about always, but instantly I could think of at least three girlfriends who'd talked about having children. Not that I'm saying I don't ever want to have children. Just not yet. And they did. We never had huge arguments about it, but now I can see it was always there, this assumption that kids are what a relationship's all about. Kids tie you down, stop you experiencing new things and generally enjoying life.

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