The Death of Bees by Lisa O'Donnell

The Death of Bees

Lisa O'Donnell

Despite being a heartbreaking story of abuse and neglect you will smile at the dark humour and the wicked, razor sharp observations and find yourself emotionally involved as this compelling story unfolds. There is no sentimentality in the writing as the characters' voices grab and immerse you in the horrors of their lives. A gritty, sad tale of abandonment that somehow still leaves you filled with laughter and hope.


I suppose it’s hard taking care of yourself at her age. You try not to think about it and pretend you’re like everyone else who’s twelve, but deep down you know you’re not. You’re alone. You need to heat your own home and pay your own bills, wash your own clothes and dry your own tears. No wonder she seeks this old granddad with his house smelling of baked bread. Lennie loves her like a granddaughter. She needs that, affection, warmth and not in a house smelling of bleach and death. The other day I actually chastised myself for leaving Gene in the house for a week before burying him, it was like a postscript to self. Bury people immediately.

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