Green Man Running by Georgina Hammick

Green Man Running

Georgina Hammick

Dexter is a bit of a loser, a drifter with two young boys to look after and no real job or prospects. He's insecure and desperate to marry his prickly girlfriend, but one suspects his motives aren't entirely driven by love. And then ther are the family ropes around his kneck, pulling him back to where he doesn't want to be. Poor old Dexter...

A black boy and a white boy, in identikit jeans and trainers, cropped heads bent over a shared crisp bag.They were taking turns to dip fingers into the bag, and watching them he felt he might burst into tears. It was sights like these that could make you believe, for a full second, that the world was okay. Or if not okay, heading in something like a sane direction.
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