The Forrests by Emily Perkins

The Forrests

Emily Perkins

This tale of the Forrest family, from childhood to old age, can seem at times like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing. Events, years, and even characters pass by at such a rate that I often wondered where I was and what had happened. Despite this, the ordinariness of the family - both the every-day and the drama - is beautifully described. Will appeal to those who like sweeping family sagas and the minutiae of family life.

An old van stood parked outside Dorothy's house, not the same van that had taken them away all those thousands of nights ago, but close enough. Its windscreen framed a dream catcher and a couple of dead flies lay in the dust on the thin ledge of dash. The memories wouldn't hold, they were unlatched, she felt blurred by some other place and time she couldn't really see. If Evelyn were here, or Daniel, she could ask them what was wrong with Rena. Easier not to grasp at the evaporating past, easier to focus on what was in front of her now.
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