The Banker's Daughter by Emran Mian

The Banker's Daughter

Emran Mian

The super rich daughter of a failed international banker maintains, until confronted with evidence to the contrary, that her father is not a criminal. This debut novel set in Beirut, Lahore and London is an interesting twist on the 'coming of age' story where a child sees a parent in a different light. Intelligent, controlled and very tense.

I look at a photograph. It's hard to look at it. It's hard to look away. For some minutes now, I have placed my hands, palms down, against my knees, like I need to keep them away from my face, or I will wring my neck, or I will blot my eyes. In front of me there is a garden; and a table; and on that table, a head with no body underneath it.
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