Cook by Wayne Macauley


Wayne Macauley

Revenge is a dish best served cold - never a truer saying than for teenage delinquent Zac. When Zac is offered the opportunity to leave his troubled past behind him by training as a professional chef, he uses the opportunity in a surprising way. The shock ending left me questioning everything I thought I knew about this young man and more besides.

Of all the doors I could have opened I have opened the right one good food good wine fine dining learn how to arrange beautiful food on a plate and a beautiful world is yours. That's what I thought anyway sitting up there on the hill the guests below all drinking and laughing Head Chef down there too his secret safe bigger than the side-buttoned jacket the glasses the waxy skin the cologne. Beautiful food beautifully presented yes that's the key to the door.
  • Borstal Boy by Brendan Behan
  • The Food of Love by Anthony Capella