The Go-Away Bird by Warren Fitzgerald

The Go-Away Bird

Warren Fitzgerald

Heartbreaking and frightening, yet strangely compelling, it makes you doubt humanity and cherish all that you hold dear. Stay with it though as even in adversity there is humour and eventually your faith will be restored.

I run after Pio and almost knock him over because he has frozen outside our bedroom door, watching mum and dad performing some kind of mime show. Dad has picked up his machete from its place by the door and Mum is pulling at his other hand, pulling him away from the door, almost on her knees. Her mouth is a big black hole and tears drip from her chin. But both of them make no sound at all until Dad has to put down his machete again otherwise he might lose his balance, Mum is pulling on him so. He crouches down with her, putting his fingers gently over her open mouth and whispers, 'If I go, they think I am helping, they will leave you all alone. Please Chantel, I have to go.'
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