Death and the Olive Grove by Marco Vichi

Death and the Olive Grove

Marco Vichi

Deaths come thick and fast in this detective story, including an upsetting series of child murders. Though it's the sixties, the 2nd World War is not quite over for Florentine Inspector Bordelli, haunted by his time as a partisan. Now he finds the war haunting his work and love life. A grim story, but I warmed to the inspector - there is some humour, and who could not be tempted by the food he eats? I am going to try the pork chop recipe!


The mullets were superb, and the wine went down like water. The cook refilled his own glass to the brim and knocked it back in one gulp before refilling it again.
'To change the subject .... When the hell are you going to catch this bloody killer, Inspector?' he said rather vehemently.
'Soon Toto, I'll catch him soon', said Bordelli, ignoring the provocation. He had a fishbone stuck between the teeth at the back of his mouth and couldn't manage to dislodge it.

  • The Black Rose of Florence by Michele Guittari
  • Anything by Andrea Camilleri

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