The Girls from Corona Del Mar by Rufi Thorpe

The Girls from Corona Del Mar

Rufi Thorpe

There’s much to enjoy in this ambitious short novel with an international backdrop. It's packed with ideas from love and motherhood to literature and drug addiction. Lively and amusing to begin with, it develops into a sad tale of friends who grow apart as their lives take very different directions. Ultimately, it left me wondering about friendship and whether we can ever really know someone.


‘I’m too selfish to make poor decisions’ I offered. ‘So it’s not actually a virtue?’ Lorrie Ann asked, having apparently reassured herself that Zach was not choking on anything and now wiping his mouth with a burp cloth. ‘Your good decision-making power is actually a function of your little, black heart?’ ‘Yep, pretty much.’
‘I don’t know, your life sounds so exciting,’ Lorrie Ann went on in a gush ‘I picture you walking around campus, your mind alive with all these ideas and texts and, I mean – I know I don’t really know what you do, I can’t even imagine it, so you must think I’m so stupid even saying this – but I picture you in, like, this big library, like some library from a Borges story or something, an infinite library of all human knowledge. It makes me happy thinking that.’ I was slack-jawed at her generosity of spirit. ‘More beer?’ she said, just at the moment Arman held out the bong to me.

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