The Recollection by Gareth L Powell

The Recollection

Gareth L Powell

As a sci-fi novice I am surprised by my enjoyment of this sprawling space opera and am intrigued to read more. As the three entwined stories: people sucked into portals; space pilots engaged in conflict; and an ancient alien evil destroys the universe; became more connected, I did sometimes become lost. However, the snippets of news headlines are a powerful insightful way of creating tension and the characters, particularly female, are strong.


Desperately, Enid jabbed her finger at the wall. The explosion had weakened the skin of the observation dome. Spidery cracks ran up from the place where the table had been. As Kat watched, one of the cracks jumped a few centimetres in length, then a few more.
Enid screamed: 'We're eight kilometres down!'
Before Kat could react, the ship's voice broke into her implant.

  • The Last Reef by Gareth L. Powell
  • A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

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