The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

The Shining Girls

Lauren Beukes

Harper's overwhelming thirst for murder in this unconventional time-travelling crime novel is frightening and prolific. Look out for Kirby, the young girl whose appetite for life and stubbornness to find out the truth is commendable if a little reckless. Not the easiest book to read due to frequent time and character shifts so some concentration is required. However - a well-thought out plot and the finale is certainly worth the wait.

He swings his crutch wide over the blood seeping like a carpet across the floorboards and limps around to get a better look at the dead man. He's gripping a half-frozen turkey, the gray-pink flesh pimpled and smeared with gore. The fellow is thickset, in a dress shirt with suspenders, gray pants and smart shoes. No coat. His head has been pulped like a melon, but there is enough left to make out jowly cheeks with stubble and bloodshot blue eyes staring out of the mess of his face, wide in shock.
No coat.
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