The Poet Game by Salar Abdoh

The Poet Game

Salar Abdoh

Sami is sent from Tehran to infiltrate an Arab terrorist group operating in New York and soon realises all is not what it seems. This is no high action James Bond story but concentrates more on the psychology of terrorism and the values of the people who commit devastating attacks. There is subtle humour scattered through the book which lightens what would otherwise be a very chilling story.

All this went through Sami's head in the time it took Musavi to make sure everyone was ready. Then Abdullah and Musavi started to talk hotly again in Arabic. He thought he knew what the trouble was: Abdullah wanted to do his morning prayer like everyone else while Musavi was telling him he could make it up later in the day. It was the sort of farcical scene a Hollywood film director would bet his career on. Moslem extemists at work. The evil Arab terrorist retreats to the cockpit to chant his stock Allah this and Allah that on his hands and knees before tossing the bullet-ridden body of the passenger off the plane.
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