Bridge of the Single Hair by Candida Lall Pugh

Bridge of the Single Hair

Candida Lall Pugh

An evocative exposé of the physical and emotional volatility of the Civil Rights era. This is a novel written without sentiment but somehow the insightful descriptions and down to earth dialogue still evoke a real sting of injustice. The author makes history come alive and I really felt the idealism, frustration, anger and fear of the Freedom Riders.


I climbed up to my bunk and closed my eyes, the sound of Dorothy’s low snoring lulling me toward sleep. But when I started drifting off, my eyes flew open. They might come for him any time. That very night could be the one. I looked at the lights, terrified I might see them flicker. Then I climbed down and sat by the vent, trying very hard to hear something moving in his cell.
'Ellis,' I whispered, 'just tell me you’re still alive. Please!'
'I ain’t,' he said.

  • Scottsboro by Ellen Feldman
  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  • Freshwater Road by Denise Nicholas

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