The Meeting Point by Lucy Caldwell

The Meeting Point

Lucy Caldwell

Losing your faith in God and your trust in your husband is hard. Losing them whilst living a solitary life in an Arab country is devastating. Left alone, Ruth has only her baby and two fragile teenagers for company. Although gently written, you can sense the underlying currents that are about to tear all their lives apart. A good read that highlights even the most virtuous have secrets that they have to live with for the rest of their lives.

'I am sorry for the wrong I have done in my life,' Ruth was intoning, 'and for those I have wronged. For all I have done, I ask your forgiveness. OK, Noor,' Ruth said, making her jump. 'I want you just to take a moment to think about the sins you've committed, the people you've hurt. Reflect on them, and ask in your heart for God's forgiveness.'
'OK,' Noor said. Then she said, 'Ruth, there's too much to know where to start. I've tried to tell you before - I'm a bad person, I really am. I've done some terrible things.'
'We all have,' Ruth replied, distant. 'Just think on them, and ask God to forgive you, and He will.'
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