Good Kings, Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum

Good Kings, Bad Kings

Susan Nussbaum

This book has it all; pain, laughter, love, grief, friendship, betrayal, humour, tragedy. But it's the characters who bring it to life, a collection of people many of whom I'd like to meet. All connected in some way with the questionable American care system for disabled children, patients and staff tell a sometimes brutal story in their unique voices. And the story is, 'We're just like you, good and bad. Ignore the disabilities please!'

First thing I did was wheel right up on her, pull my footrest up offa my chair, and grab onto that hair to hold her steady and whack her acrost the head, and then I pushed her right offa her chair. But I'm still holding her mop in my fist, so when she went down I had a big clump of that ugly-ass hair in my hand and she was screaming her Mexican butt off. Then I hop down offa my chair and sit right on top of her and pin her down to the ground.
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