Once Again Assembled Here by Sean O'Brien

Once Again Assembled Here

Sean O'Brien

The English public school, producing mediocre students, unable to recruit staff unless failures, imbued with military and patriotic culture, resembles a fascist state where reason, justice and truth are subtly but ruthlessly suppressed. In 1968 when most were some shade of Left, the secrets and anti-Semitism of Mosley's lot still have power. Feel the falling away of certainty & the unspoken fear of how thinly our civilisation covers brutality.

The blame was mine; by implication I was the only begetter of the damned election and responsible for all aspects of its conduct, including what went on in people's heads, especially Rackham's and his acolyte's. Not for the first time, I thought how well suited Gammon would have been to the internal politics of a totalitarian regime. At provincial level he would have been an accomplished performer- until, I consoled myself, he was exiled or summarily strung up when the extent of his dereliction became inconvenient for his superiors.
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