The House at the Edge of the World by Julia Rochester

The House at the Edge of the World

Julia Rochester

Grief, family secrets, twins and Cornwall: a perfect recipe for a page-turner! Will you guess the revelations? Which of the twins will you root for? In any case, the eccentric family will soon feel like your own, warts and all.


Corwin and I were left alone in the living room for the first time since Before. The room felt all wrong - counterfeit. It was missing an essential but intangible element that made it our family room; my father's part of its spirit, I presumed. I felt quite detached thinking this thought. The spirit of a house is organic - it seems a little lopsided after pruning, but it soon grows in.
'She'll be able to replace the sofa now.'
'Lay off, Morwenna!' said Corwin.
I sat on the sofa. It truly was lumpy and scratchy and uncomfortable. I was determined to love it.

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