Sleeping on Jupiter by Anuradha Roy

Sleeping on Jupiter

Anuradha Roy

In a holy place, people of all ages and faiths come to seek peace, closure or renewal. But how can you escape the past? How can you restore lost innocence? How can you accept a meaningless life or approaching death?

Sounds grim? Not so - there is beauty, compassion and warmth here to redeem everyone ...

I thought I had torn the thing out, it would never come back. Nobody would cow me down, I would attack. I could slam my fist into a brick, not feel the pain, lick the blood away, hit the brick again. I would kick a ball hard and cry with joy. The boys sniggered, but it made me feel whole, it made me weep because that ball wasn't a ball, it was a man's head, it was that man I was kicking dead. This was the way I broke it, the thing was half-killed, I thought it had lost the will to fight but then I came to this hotel.
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