Outside Valentine by Liza Ward

Outside Valentine

Liza Ward

When a pair of teenage lovers went on a murder spree in 50's USA, they left more than a trail of blood. Can lives be healed? A disturbing but ultimately life-affirming read.

I wanted to throw up my hands and laugh and cry. Sometimes it got so tiresome to make everyone happy. I kissed him instead, to make it up. I kissed him deep. I trailed my pinkie over his blue jeans in tiny circles. 'I want to make your babies', I whispered in his ear, on account of there being nothing else to say.
'You're too young to have babies', Charlie said. 'That baby would break you clear in two squeezing out.' He didn't blink but kept on staring at the road. His eyes went dry. He looked ahead like I didn't exist.
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Explicit sexual content