God Loves Haiti by Dimitry Elias Léger

God Loves Haiti

Dimitry Elias Léger

The 2010 earthquake as seen by the President, his wife and her lover in a compelling novel that pulls no punches when describing the human tragedies caused and the historical and international pressures delaying recovery. Yet this is also a tender, moving often wryly humorous story of the stoicism of the Haitiens and the love they feel for each other and their God. Highly recommended.

The National Palace. It really was destroyed.
.... a building that had stirred passions to the point of madness in the hearts of some of the world's greatest emperors, from Napoleon to Woodrow Wilson, recalcitrant peasants, stentorian poets, sensitive singers, and conniving nation-builders and rebels over the centuries ... laid low by a random and brief belching of the earth.
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