Piper by Helen McCabe


Helen McCabe

This book is psychological horror at its very best with a chilling gothic twist. The atmosphere of menace is powerful throughout and the contrast between poverty stricken rural Romania and affluent urban USA is brilliantly conveyed. But evil is not particular as to where it strikes and is unstoppable throughout time. Be afraid, be very afraid!

She fixed them with a mechanical look from the brightest eyes either man had even seen. She did not seem to be looking at them, only through them. Her round cheeks were scarlet, her lips parted slightly showing pearly teeth. Her face was cut into the grimmest of a smile yet there were tears coursing down her face. 'Who are you? What's happened?' asked Gheorghe ....
'Christ, look at her hands,' said Ion. They stared. It was one mass of small open bites.
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