The Poisoning Angel by Jean Teulé

The Poisoning Angel

Jean Teulé

Helene Jegado was no ordinary child and her evil doings continue as she passes into adulthood. She has an unsavoury taste for death and uses her skills as a cook to poison her unsuspecting victims. One by one they fall in this macabre tale of murder most vile. It's unusual to have no compassion for a female protagonist but this was certainly the case here. Helene's story left behind a bitter aftertaste yet was strangely addictive too.


She poisoned people indiscriminately and as absent-mindedly as if she were throwing seed for the pigeons. For the men and women returning to the middle of the square, death was on its way.

  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind
  • The Cook by Wayne Macauley

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