Savages: The Wedding by Sabri Louatah

Savages: The Wedding

Sabri Louatah

The dramatic events take place on the eve of a French presidential election, with a candidate, dubbed the ‘French Obama’ poised as the front runner aspiring to heal the conflict between national and ethnic identity. At the same time, racial tensions are vividly exposed at a wedding in a run-down immigrant suburb, making this a highly relevant socio-political thriller which will appeal to fans of fast paced gritty TV series like 24 Hours.


Soon they would have to decide:who would stay behind 'nice and quiet' at the community centre and who would leave for the town hall. The bride's family was too large and not everyone would fit in, especially given the fact that the mayor wasn't known for his patience in these situations. His predecessor (a left-wing independent) had quite simply banned Saturday weddings, to spare the town's peaceful residents all the honking and flashy cars draped with Algerian flags ... the new mayor had lifted the ban, but threatened to reimpose it every time an overexcited tribe wreaked havoc in the house of the Republic.

  • Submission by Michel Houellebecq
  • Don't Let Go by Michel Bussi

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