Martin Martin's on the Other Side by Mark Wernham

Martin Martin's on the Other Side

Mark Wernham

A vision of London a few years into the future, collides with the recent past in an hilarious mixture of drug fuelled espionage and violence as our spy hero staggers from one operational and personal disaster to another.

Accessible language with short sentences and lots of dialogue. There is not much depth of insight into the characters, but plenty of action.

Oi oi! Heads up! Jensen Interceptor here. And here is what I have to tell you: my fucking story. All the ins and outs and everything. Believe or don't, I don't give one either way, cos me, I'm going places, yeah? On the ladder, on the way. A grade two man, yeah, not a numb-nuts grade-oner like the boy you're about to meet. The boy I was, once upon a time.
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