Playing James by Sarah Mason

Playing James

Sarah Mason

Holly is a reporter on the local paper. James is a detective. Holly's big break comes with an opportunity to shadow James. It is dislike at first, second and third sight. This is a funny, witty, light-hearted read. Guess what happens?


'Detective Sergeant Sabine. It's a major PR opportunity. Imagine what it will do for the reputation of the local force'
'You mean our reputation will be gutter level, the same as the press', by the time you've finished with it?'
I suspect he doesn't like the press very much. I am tempted to ask him if he has had some sort of bad childhood experience with reporters. Perhaps one took his mint humbugs away from him or something. 'No, I mean that it will create good PR. It will show people what wonderful work you do here'.
'I am sure the criminals of Bristol will sleep safer in their beds knowing you will be on the scene'. ... I'm getting annoyed now. If he thinks he can bully me, he can forget it. I have got my chance of a lifetime, one that might land me my dream career, and there is no way that he or anyone else is going to mess it up. Watch out James Sabine, you have a bona fide shadow for the next six weeks.

  • Futon Fever by Dawn Anderson
  • Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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