Problems by Jade Sharma


Jade Sharma

Maya is in a relentless cycle of need, an addict of drugs and sex with low self esteem. Each time she tries to escape her chaotic lifestyle she falls straight back in head first. I really wanted Maya to succeed not just for the hurt she imposed on others but for that to herself. An easy read but not easy to read.

Peter materialized in the bathroom mirror behind me like some kind of bizarro vampire. 'How long have you been lying to me?' he said. He took out exhibit A: a rolled dollar bill. 'I found this on the coffee table.'

I shrugged. 'That is a rolled bill. It is not a drug,' I said, high.

'Maya, c'mon. You don't have to lie to me.' He called me by my name when he was serious.

'Don't be serious,' I said, as if I didn't want to hear it.

'I'm not an idiot. Whatever. It's your life. I don't even know why I try_' And then he said more things. Things I didn't care to hear. Things that made me try hard to think of other things until he left and I could get more high and not think about anything.

Ogden never gave me shit. Ogden only listened.
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