Between Beirut and the Moon by A Naji Bakhti

Between Beirut and the Moon

A Naji Bakhti

These tragi-comic anecdotes related by our engaging adolescent narrator paint a vivid picture of growing up in a multi-faith society (and family). Against the backdrop of a city torn apart by sectarian and political violence, his testimony of normal youthful escapades resonates powerfully with the reader, bridging the gap between his world and ours. I would definitely recommend the audio version.


'Don't be ridiculous', he'd say, 'who ever heard of an Arab on the moon?'

'I'd be the first one,' I replied at once, instead of taking the usual route of trying to look as non-ridiculous as possible, for my father's liking.

'You're flat footed. They don't allow flat-footed Arabs on the moon,' he remarked casually, his face hidden behind the morning's An-Nahar Daily, 'it's illegal.'

'Who said?'

'Jesus-Mohammed-Christ said, that's who.'

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