Beast by Paul Kingsnorth


Paul Kingsnorth

A man alone on a moor in a world devoid of humanity, fights the elements and his own body and soul. He's rejected all he's known and is soon pursued and haunted by an unknowable beast. Or is he the hunter? Though difficult to follow, with long page breaks, the story is inseparable from its wonderful language. I'm struggling to find words to convey this dark experience. I was overwhelmed by it and I urge you to read it for yourself.

i stand here for some more time. i was right it has gone its presence has gone i can feel it. there is just the cloud now and it is empty and quiet i am standing outside in this yard and there is this cloud. when you are here in the cloud you are inside the life of the world. when you go into the house and shut the door you shut yourself outside then there is only you and the dead things you have made into shapes. inside is outside and outside is inside. if i were not so stupid i would have seen this years ago. wherever i have been.
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