The Dictionary of Animal Languages by Heidi Sopinka

The Dictionary of Animal Languages

Heidi Sopinka

This wasn't the straightforward read I had hoped - the story jumps from the present to the past and from country to country and it was at times a little difficult to 'keep up'. However, saying that the story and its content was a refreshing read. Full of raw emotion, sensual and sensory content (which I found painfully sad to read at times) our character Ivory loves, loses and makes difficult life choices. Well worth the effort.

Everyone wants something nice that relates to them. Like we are preserving this rainforest so it will be around for our grandchildren. You know that I think that is the worst reason. We should be preserving it because the plants and animals deserve their rightful habitat. I do it for them, Valentina. They should be allowed to exist.
Well they are lucky you have saved them.
They have saved me, don't you see? It is something of great importance in my life, I say, trying to gain some composure. I am lucky. Not everyone can say that.
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