Martyr's Crossing by Amy Wilentz

Martyr's Crossing

Amy Wilentz

Interesting read on the current and controversial subject of the Middle East, viewed from both sides of the coin - the Palestinian and Israeli. Ibrahim, the child martyr dies at the beginning of the novel. Thus begins a journey of deception, life-changing decisions, regrets and revenge from all those who came in contact with the little boy throughout his short and precious lifetime.

The next thing Doron knew, the man in white was walking stoop-shouldered over to the bleeding private. Doron turned and looked toward the ambulance. It was as if everything had come to a halt. A nurse sniffed loudly. There was an odd silence except for the mother sobbing against the side of the ambulance. Everyone was watching her, unmoving. They looked frightened. Doron walked toward her. He hesitated. She was shaking with sobs. He put his hand on her arm. She let it stay there for a moment. She turned and looked at him. He knew right then that he would give anything to forget that look. Then she shook him off with a violent movement of her arm, and climbed into the ambulance to be with her boy.
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