Skin Deep by Jacqueline Jacques

Skin Deep

Jacqueline Jacques

The main ingredients of this novel are horror, extreme medicine and the Holocaust; a strong stomach may be required on occasion! When the six frozen brains of Nazi experiment victims are found in an abandoned cellar, UK doctors are handed the opportunity to pioneer the first-ever brain transplants. The outcome may be a success in medical terms, but the doctors have no idea of what their triumph could ultimately mean.


'Welcome.' He beams smugness. 'My guest tonight was born in Hanover, Germany, eighty-five years ago. He grew to adulthood in poverty and oppression, witnessed the rise of Hitler, but unlike many of his fellow countrymen, set his face against Fascism. He fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War and, in 1942, while risking his life as a British Agent, was captured by the Nazis and interned in Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Incredibly, sixty years on he has hit the headlines with a story that must give hope to millions ...'

  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  • Coma by Robin Cook
  • Science and the Swastika by Adrian Weale

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