The Texture of Shadows by Mandla Langa

The Texture of Shadows

Mandla Langa

Mandla Langa gives a no-holds-barred insight into the horrors of the war waged by the apartheid state on its own people, and of the psychological consequences to both sides. Langa does not seek to present one side as angels and the others as devils because he is far too honest for that. This is what gives the book its resonance, and makes it a must-read for anyone who does not see violence as anything other than the last resort.


'You've no idea what our life was like in Camp 46. We could not speak. Just being alive was like we were being done a favour. We were not allowed to look officers in the eye. All the time we had to keep our gaze fixed on the floor.' She snorted, shaking her head. 'Speak to someone ... Jeezus'.

  • Red Dust by Gillian Slovo
  • A Place of Greater Safety by Hilary Mantal
  • The Comedians by Graham Greene

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